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My name is Jane Redmond and I have just completed the ITEC Pilates Instructor qualification at Coláiste Íde College Further Education. The opportunity to qualify as a Pilates instructor as part of the Level 6 Pre-University Physiotherapy was one of the main reasons I choose to do this PLC course.

Despite the challenges during Covid-19 and the limited on-site classes, I gained everything I expected and more from the Pilates classes. I enjoyed the continuous progress made week on week, learning more advanced or modified variations of each Pilates exercise and the introduction of different stretching and strengthening equipment always kept it interesting.

The training from the Pilates classes also linked with many of my other course modules which added to my overall knowledge and understanding of corrective exercise. However, it was the attention to detail, the encouragement and guidance of our instructor Ann Cuniffe, that prepared me by year end to feel confident in performing, programming and delivering Pilates. As a ballet dancer,

I am very aware of the need to stretch and strengthen my muscles correctly, so combining Pilates into my everyday routine was a perfect fit. I now know that Pilates is a benefit for everyone, whether you are recovering from an injury, an athlete or even for your general well being.

As I move on to the next phase of my studies, I am delighted to have already gained the knowledge and ability to teach Pilates. Exciting times ahead!

Jane has been accepted to Hanze University of applied sciences to study Physiotherapy in the Netherlands.

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My name is Taha. I came to Ireland four and a half years ago.

After my leaving cert I went to Coláiste Íde, it gave me the opportunity to learn about computers from scratch and it gave me a chance to go to UCD to do computer science. Now I’m going to second year in UCD.

Studying in Coláiste Íde included programming which is essential for third level Computing. The teachers were helpful and understanding which made me think about the course more deeply than just for the sake of education.

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My name is Lauren & I've been studying Business Studies at Coláiste Íde for the last year. It's allowed me to get my dream course in DCU Business School.

I didn't know what I wanted to do when I left school but this business course was the best option for me, my teachers guided me through the past year and all my questions were answered.

I've made friends for life and had the best fun in college even though we had to wear masks the whole time! This course gives you an opportunity to be creative while having fun and make new memories.

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This course was a big help not just in achieving placement in my 1st choice course,but also in confirming science and particularly biology was the route I wanted to take for my future career.

I missed out on my first choice, DCU's Genetics and Cell Biology course by over 70 points during the 2019/2020 academic year. I was completely unmotivated due to the disruption of the year with the lockdown and predicted grades. I found the Pre-University Science course a week after classes had already begun and was delighted to discover that the modules were exactly the preparation I needed if I was to achieve my first choice as well as a guarantee that a certain number of distinctions would allow me the opportunity of placement.

The course was instantly right up my alley with every module geared towards the same goal. No more French class or history exams required to break into the science world. The class life was a lot more laid back with tutors who very clearly cared about my future and success. Maths was a particular struggle of mine in secondary but I was able to achieve a distinctions thanks to fantastic teaching and a more focused curriculum. I achieved a total of nine distinctions from nine a feat I thought I could never achieve before taking this course.

Another huge help this course offered was the confirmation that science was the route I wanted to take. It armed me with knowledge to take forward into third level education as well as experience of college life I never would have had. Part of me believes if I had gotten my placement the first time around I would have been overwhelmed and perhaps would have given up.

I am now a student enrolled in DCU's Genetic and Cell Biology course thanks to the Pre-University Science Course available in Colaiste Íde and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position I was in.

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Dominic McGreal, who is deaf, tells a little more of his story and experience on the Health Service Skills with Special Needs Qualification course.

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I had wanted to study for many years but never had the guts to take that step, I was rearing my sons and I had to work to pay my mortgage so I put the idea on the back burner for many years. I don’t see that as a mistake, I see it as proving to myself I am never too old to put myself out there and learn. Learn new skills and improve on my previous skills, it’s so true when they say life is all about learning, the important part of that is finding the right tutors as that is vital.

If you are thinking about going back to studying to open up new doors for your future the best advice I could possible give anyone is contact Coláiste Íde College for further education.

You will learn in a positive, fun way while being supported beyond belief.

I started my course September 2020 and completed it in May 2021, I still can’t believe the time has passed.

I think of the weeks coming up to starting and I can tell you I was so very nervous especially at my age but I needn’t have worried, I walked into the room on the first day sick to my stomach, and I walked out feeling I’VE GOT THIS…

It was so strange but I actually felt my confidence grow there and then. None of us go back to study because we are brimming with confidence, we generally go back to build up or rebuild our confidence and I am thankful to say I achieved that. I achieved it with the help and support of family and friends but such a huge amount of it was down to my class mates and the staff in the college, they made it so much easier to get through it because it was tough going but nothing worthwhile comes easy.

I met so many fabulous people, both study mates and teachers alike. Every other person in that room doing that course is just as nervous as the next and every Tutor in the college knows this, they are absolutely remarkable.

I won’t lie to you, it was a little daunting at first but my goodness what an adventure. I learned so much, yes, it took hard work and dedication but you get out what you put in.

I would always have had respect for teachers but lord above, after the year we had (COVID lockdown, zoom classes) my respect for the profession has increased 10 fold. Our teachers truly were there to support us, they were there to help, to listen and to guide each and every one of us and they did a remarkable job.

Each and every one of our group hung in there, it would have been so easy to throw the towel in and some could have said it would be justifiable under the circumstances, but our class tutor went above and beyond what was ever expected from us, she was at the end of an email evenings and weekends to support us plus we were blessed to have a study class and I just couldn’t say enough to praise them, what amazingly wonderful, patient people.

When I would express my thanks I would be told it was no problem and that’s what they was there for but I knew they were putting in their own time and I can’t thank them enough, if you help yourself the tutors go above and beyond to support you, I am beyond grateful to each and every one of them.

Thank you doesn’t seem enough and couldn’t be said enough.

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I decided to attend Coláiste Íde to do a QQI Level 5 course on computers as I had deferred my degree for a year due to my age, and it was one of my best decisions. Throughout the year, I matured in many ways.

The staff were extremely helpful throughout my time there both on and off the campus and it was a pleasure to work with all of them. This course helped me to finalise my decision in pursuing a degree involving computers and made me excited for my future.

I’d like to thank each and everyone of my teachers for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to study such interesting subjects

Conor applied for Computer Engineering (TU713) in TUD Blanchardstown.

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